Intimacy Anorexia Behaviors

Intimacy Anorexia is the active withholding of emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy from the spouse.  Mark all that apply to you. Ask your spouse which apply.  Three or more indicate a issue with Intimacy Anorexia.

  • Do you stay busy either in the home or outside so as to have an excuse for not connecting with your spouse?
  • When an issue or problem comes up in your marriage do you blame or put responsibility on your spouse for the issue, before you can see your contribution to the problem or issue?
  • Do you withhold love shown to your spouse the way you know to or how they have asked to be loved?
  • Do you withhold praise or affirmation of your spouse’s positive qualities and their positive impact in the relationship?
  • Do you withhold or avoid having sex, or sabotage sexual encounters and avoid connecting emotionally during sex?
  • Do you withholding spiritually and spiritual connectedness from your spouse?
  • Do you withhold your feelings or are unwilling or unable to share your feelings with spouse?
  • Are you critical of your spouse or have ongoing or ungrounded criticism, which leads to distance in your marriage?
  • Does anger or silence epitomize how you deal with conflict between your spouse?
  • Do you use money to control or shame your spouse about money issues?